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Case Studies


This process consisted of 3 phases – the job was captured and manually by the Technical department, then again captured manually by the Contracts division, it was then sent on to accounts where it was captured again in order to be invoiced.

Saved a customer over


removing duplicate capture
of a technical job card.

Sales report sundays!

Sales people would fill in sales reports on excel spreadsheets and email these to the manager, if and when they remembered. He would sit for 8 hours on a Sunday compiling these numerous reports into a single management review for the Monday meeting.

By providing every sales person with the online mobile ability (mobile or laptop device) to

Update their activities wherever and whenever

which automatically integrated into the system at which point a report could be pulled, at any point. We saved the sales manager numerous frustrating hours of producing sales reports, giving him weekends back with his family and providing the ability to check on progress any day of the week.

Inefficient insurance onboarding

To on-board new clients a consultant would visit and drop off paperwork that needed to be completed. This was later picked later picked up. Any omissions needed to be done in person with either the client or the consultant meeting face to face. Clients could take their time, make mistakes or not complete the forms correctly ensuring the process took even longer. The average onboard process was 30 days.

By implementing a digital, secure and automated online process we were able to reduce the time to on-board a new customer from

30 days
to 30

saving time, improving accuracy and increasing customer satisfaction.

get closer to the customers
to provide better value

The brands products were being sold via a channel and in doing so, the brand had no touch points with the customers that are actually using their products. How could they improve, what did people like or want. They had no way of knowing. The only contact was a single customer card that the customer could fill out manually should they choose to do so.

We devised an instore customer ineraction which connected the brand to their customers in a single online system, digitising the capture of a customer profile and allowing them to communicate with the customer base. The system made live suggestions, online selling of products while capturing buyer behaviour. Previously the manual process made this impossible to do – time saving not calculable.