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To succeed in volume sales, target the individual. Really.

The first rule of volume is to move product. You buy in bulk, so you must sell in bulk. Your margin is thin, so you can’t spend time wooing the individual customer. Put your proposition on a broadsheet, made attractive by discounts and specials, and then hold your thumbs that the footfall will cross your shops’ thresholds.

That is the system volume retailers across South Africa and the world follow every day. The main lever in that approach is buying power: the more you can absorb up front, the lower you pay per unit and the more you can feed into your margin - ...

Want to understand the value of cloud? Then ignore the cloud.

I’m a technology guy. I have spent much of my career working late nights, setting up large on-premise systems and then trying to figure out how we exploit it. Traditional technology is most often reactive, a giant hammer brought in to hit a very specific set of nails. But if you wanted to change the hammer or add more nails, it would take months - even years - to accomplish, not to mention the cost.

Technology had become a necessary evil in business, something you needed to get the job done.

Then along came cloud. Technology is suddenly promising the ...

Don’t wait for South Africa to adopt Cloud. It’s already happened

Four years ago I did something once considered impossible. Teaming up with a group of colleagues, we launched a company out of nothing. Not entirely nothing: each of us brought a wealth of skills, experience and ambition to the new venture. But we had little else. It was, relatively speaking, as simple as registering a domain and getting Salesforce onboard. The harder part was finding the customers, as it should be.

Agilitude wasn’t founded on a whim and a prayer. We knew what we were doing. The only difference was that we didn’t have to do it as before. We di...

Mind the customer engagement gap

The balance of information between businesses and their customers has shifted radically. From buying decisions to service, the customer is now in the driver’s seat. Companies across industries— from retail to consumer goods to utilities to financial services—are working out how this seismic change affects them and how they can possibly respond.

Quinton Pienaar the CEO of Agilitude, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud reseller, says that the gap between organisations and their customers has grown too wide: “The gap is far too big and this has had a direct impact on...

The power shift of sales

While the marketing role has shifted and changed dramatically, it is the sales role that is most underestimated. It has had to evolve dramatically as a result of the connected world we live in, and adapt to the new customer that this has bred.

Quinton Pienaar, CEO, Agilitude, a Salesforce platinum reseller and customer experience evangelist, says the sales profession can no longer be underestimated: “If businesses want to succeed in a world that is driven and dominated by the customer they need to respect the role of sales and invest in quality people: “The sk...

The reinvention of customer service through advanced analytics and omni-channel

Companies looking to leverage the advantages of advanced analytics and omni-channel communication require a deeper understanding of the customer journey. That’s the latest word on customer service from Quinton Pienaar, CEO of Agilitude a and customer engagement evangelist. “There is a general lack of understanding of a customer’s journey. This is exasperated by not having a proper understanding of each customer interaction point or the various ways to connect to a customer’s emotion within each stage,” he says.

Another area that businesses...

A new era of innovation: South Africa’s next step to the cloud

South Africa’s familiarity with cloud technology is on the rise, and despite sluggish early adoption there’s a renewed focus on innovation. Quinton Pienaar, CEO of Agilitude a and Zuora reseller identifies two major current activities in cloud migration: “The first is obviously the increased migration to cloud and the second is the on cloud value a customer can get. We are definitely seeing many customers move into the on-cloud era looking for new ways to innovate and find value from their migration to the cloud.”

In the drive towards innovat...

App development is key to customer engagement

Just like every company today is a software business, every company today is also an App company.

“We’re in the middle of an app revolution and the implications for business are huge, even if you don’t think of yourself as an app business,” says Quinton Pienaar, CEO of Agilitude, a Salesforce reseller and customer evangelist.

He says that thanks to cloud computing new business processes are improved almost daily. The technology is easier to master and makes it possible for every company to be an app company, and every person to be an app person...

Hyper-connected or hyper-dead: it’s a retail revolution

Mobile adoption is fuelling a retail revolution

According to Gartner the world is on the brink of ‘hyper-connectivity’ with predictions that by 2020 there will be 26 billion connected devices. This represents an almost 30-fold increase from 2009, when there were just 0.9 billion.

Living a hyper-connected life and fully embracing the digital economy is rapidly becoming a reality. According to The Guardian’s report entitled ‘In the Digital Economy, Reinvention is the Word’, more than 2 billion people worldwide are walking...

A new dimension of customer engagement

While most organisations are contemplating how to develop a meaningful customer engagement strategy, retailers in the US have moved one step ahead and are merging brick-and-mortar and digital strategies. Known as an onmi-channel, it is what all organisations that take customer engagement seriously should strive for: true continuity of a brand experience.

Quinton Pienaar, CEO of Agilitude, a Salesforce reseller and customer engagement evangelist, says that adopting an omni-channel strategy is one of the best ways to ensure your customer is at the centre of an organi...

The rise of the sales platform

According to Harvard Business Review, a brand is not something you manage over time. It's something you deliver in the moment and is no longer just an identifying mark. Rather, it is something that customers have a relationship with and it is this that has led businesses to consider how to use technology more effectively to manage their brand and its customer relationships.

IDC forecasts spending on CRM applications will reach $31.7B in 2018, attaining a CAGR of 6.9%. The forecast splits the spending across contact centres, customer service, marketing automation and...

Rethink your role as a marketer and fast!

The growing complexity of the marketing role places a huge burden on marketing leaders. Quinton Pienaar, CEO of Agilitude, a Salesforce reseller in Africa, and a customer experience evangelist, says that it is very clear that the marketing role will continue to grow in complexity within the next two years.

“A Forrester study, commissioned by Salesforce, entitled ‘The New Calculus Of Marketing’, says that marketers today have more channels to choose from than ever before. Thanks to increasing device proliferation, the Internet of Things, and the digitisation o...

Service versus sales: a new era of customer demands

The advances in technology, economic pressures and shifting cultural norms have resulted in consumers looking for cheaper goods and more convenient ways of accessing them. New models of personal ownership are gaining attention in many industries based on the idea that people are increasingly interested in consuming and paying for temporary or limited access to goods and services, rather than purchasing them outright.

This service-driven desire is a reality and has led to companies focusing their business on the customer. Quinton Pienaar, CEO, Agilitude, says that wh...

Want to sell more? Consider the cloud and do it quickly

Quinton Pienaar, CEO, Agilitude, South Africa’s first reseller outlines why sales teams can potentially fail if they don’t consider better use of the cloud. Selling isn’t just about talking any more. Today, thanks to technology and its rapid and continual development, sales teams need more than just air in their lungs and a gift of the gab. It is here that technology becomes an enabler of selling success. Consider these four steps why you need to upgrade your technology and head straight for the cloud:

The dreaded pipeline
There ...

The Internet of customers inspires connected selling

There is a huge shift occurring in the world of buying and selling. Customers and prospects have been practicing ‘connected buying’ for years, but too many salespeople, at too many companies, are failing to use the same strategies and resources that buyers have become experts in. But how can getting connected change the way you sell and what does ‘connected selling’ even look like?

Today everything is connected. There are 4,5 billion social connections alone on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. By 2017 there will be 5 billion smart phones and 50 billion conne...